Robert J. Lemke
Professor of Economics

Department of Economics, Business, and Finance

Lake Forest College

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418 Young Hall
555 N. Sheridan Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Phone: 847-735-5143
Fax: 847-735-6193


Fall 2016
ECON 130 Applied Statistics
ECON 330 Econometrics

Spring 2017
ECON 130 Applied Statistics
ECON 310 Industrial Organization

ECON 130 Applied Statistics
ECON 180 Quantitative Methods
ECON 210 Microeconomic Theory
ECON 310 Industrial Organization
ECON 320 Labor Economics
ECON 330 Econometrics
ECON 370 Managerial Economics
ECON 385 Mathematical Economics
FIYS 126 The Funding of Public Education in Chicago
FIYS 197 Foundations of Economic Thinking
MLS 528 On Liberty


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Working Papers:

"Economics BA's and Ph.D.'s from Liberal Arts Colleges: Do Degree Requirements or Faculty Scholarship Matter?" with Ted Barzev, Linna Filipova, and Veska Suleva, ERN Educator Working Paper Series,, January 25, 2005.

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"Child Care and the Welfare to Work Transition," with Ann D. Witte, Magaly Queralt, and Robert Witt, NBER Working Paper #7583, March 2000.


Lake Forest College
Daniel Acevski '15, University of San Diego(Economics)
Ariana Rincon '14, University of William and Mary (MAcc, 2015)
Yuhong Xie '14, University of William and Mary (MAcc, 2015)
Wenqiang "Robin" Cai '13, University of Virginia (Economics)
Shasha Liu '13, Rice University (Economics)
Thang Nguyen '13, University of Virginia (Economics)
Iris Li '12, Wake Forest University (Management).
Thang "Caleb" Nguyen '12, University of Virginia (Economics).
Tu Nguyen '12, Johns Hopkins University (Economics).
Minxu Zhang '12, Duke University (Economics).
Xiaoyu Zhu '12, University of Texas (Economics).
Xin Fan '11, Cornell University (Economics).
Evan Piermont '11, University of Pittsburgh (Economics).
Joey Sun '11, Cornell University (Economics).
Christopher Janjigian '10, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Mathematics).
Gabriella Panayotova '10, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D. Economics, 2015).
Amanda Gaulke '09, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D. Economics, 2015).
Mariyana Zapryanova '09, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D. Economics, 2015).
Ellen Jeffries-White '08, Sanford School, Duke University (MIDP, 2015).
Laney Shaler '08, Harris School, University of Chicago(MPA, 2013).
Eva Dziadula '07, University of Illinois-Chicago (Ph.D. Economics, 2014).
John Karner '07, Harris School, University of Chicago(MPA, 2011).
Mackenzie Knowling '07, Ford School, University of Michigan (MPP, 2013).
Veska Suleva '07, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, (MBA, 2013).
Derek Drayer '06, University of Florida (Economics, Ph.D., 2012).
Joshua Gordon-Blake '06, University of Chicago (J.D. 2009).
James Herold '06, University of Iowa (Economics).
Katie Lupo '06, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Economics); Fulbright Scholarship, Berlin, Germany.
Paula Moreno '06, Loyola University (J.D., 2009).
Emily Cocanower '05, Harvard University (J.D., 2008).
Loveena Dookhony '05, Maxwell School, Syracuse Univesity (MPA 2007).
Melisa Jimeno '05, University of South Carolina, (MBA 2010).
Kiel Murphy '05, University of Utah, (Applied Statistics, 2010).
Stoyan Vlaikov '03, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Economics, M.A. 2006).
Florida International University
Melissa Sekkel '03, University of Michigan (Economics, M.A. 2006).
Sandra Barragan '02, George Washington University (J.D. 2005).
Lauren Luis '02, University of Miami (J.D. 2005).
Susan Snitcovsky '02, University of Miami (J.D. 2005).
Chantell Vichot '02, University of Miami (J.D. 2005).

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