Manage Your Lake Forest College Password
Please login with your Lake Forest domain password (this is your email
password) to enroll in the self service password reset service. You must already
have a Lake Forest account and know your current password to enroll.

Once logged in, you will be promted to answer a series of security questions.
After you confirm your answers to each question, click the Enroll button.

After you are enrolled, you can return to this page anytime to reset your
password by clicking on the Reset Password link to the right. Also, if you lock
your account by entering the incorrect password too many times, you may unlock
it by clicking on the Unlock Account link to the right.

If you have not enrolled in this service before your password expired or you have
been locked out of your account, please contact the Help Desk at the phone
number or email address noted above.

For more information about password management, please refer to the College
Password Policy.
Reset Password
Reset your expired or forgotten password.
Unlock Account
Unlock your locked out account if you've mistyped
your password too many times.