Academic Genealogy

University of Oklahoma


Laurie J. Vitt

George Lynn Cross Research Professor, University of Oklahoma

Curator of Reptiles

Ph.D. Students

1) Richard D. Durtsche

Assistant Professor, Northern Kentucky University.

Thesis: The ontogeny of diet in the Mexican spiny-tailed iguana, Ctenosaura

pectinata: Physiological mechanisms and ecological consequences

2) Eric D. Roth

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Texas Medical School.

Thesis: Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus) spatial ecology

3) Shawn S. Sartorius

Wildlife Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Billings Montana

Thesis: Evolutionary and environmental effects on thermoregulation among complex lizard communities

Masters Students

Joel Johnson


Michael E. Kapari

Gary A. Wellborn

University of California – San Diego


David A. Holway

Associate Professor, University of California – San Diego

Postdoctoral Researchers

1) Ed G. Lebrun (2003-2005)

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Texas - Brackenridge Field Lab

Fire ant / Argentine competitive interactions in their native range.

2) Pablo E. Schilman (2002-2004)

The physiological ecology of introduced Argentine ants

3) Melissa L. Thomas (2002-2004)

Post-doctoral researcher, The University of Western Australia

The origins of unicoloniality in Argentine ants

Ph.D Students

Erin G. Wilson

Ecological effects of a social wasp (Vespula pensylvanica) invasion on Hawaiian arthropods.

Masters Students

1) Stephanie Glenn (2005) (Biological technician NPS)

Consumption of introduced prey by native predators: Argentine ants and pit-building ant lions.

2) Crystal Grover (2007)

Diet mediated behavior in Argentine ants.

3) Jennifer Zee (2003)

Nest raiding by Argentine ants.


Ted. J. Case

Paul K. Dayton

Walter Jetz

Russell S. Lande

Kaustuv Roy

Philip S. Ward

North Carolina State University


Jules Silverman

Charles G. Wright Professor of Structural Pest Management, Department of Entomology, North Carolina State University

Postdoctoral Researchers

Alexei Rowles (2005-2008)

Ph.D. Students

1) Robert J. Brightwell

The ecology and behavior of Argentine ants at their northern range limit.

2) Brad E. Powell

Multitrophic comparison of ant - aphid interactions between the invasive Argentine ant and the native Odorous house ant.

Masters Students

David Bednar

Robert R. Dunn

Associate Professor, Department of Biology, North Carolina State University

Postdoctoral Researchers

1) Szabolcs Lengyel

2) David Lubertazzi

Ant ecology and evolution.

3) Michael D. Weiser

Climate change and biogeography of ants.

Ph.D. Students

1) Benoit Guenard

The ecology of the Asian exotic ant (Pachycondyla chinensis) in the southeastern United States.

2) Judith E. Canner

Specialization in ant-plant mutualisms.

Masters Students

1) Neil McCoy