Math 210. Multivariable Calculus

Fall 2016


Final Exam from 2012. This is the exam that Professor Yuen gave his students in Fall 2012. You can use it to study for my final.
Some topics covered in this exam that I ignored were "conservative vector field" in problem 1a, "curl and divergence" in problem 4b, "arc length" in problem 9d, "surface area" in problem 10b.
Some topics I covered that were ignored in this exam:
Change order of integration in a double integral
Change of variables and use Jacobian
Area of a triangle using vectors
Center of mass

Class on Monday December 5 will consist of a quiz followed by review of material post third midterm. Class on Wednesday December 7 will be a review for the final exam.

Review session for Midterm 3 on Monday November 7th. Come prepared with questions to ask Will Braubach.

Midterm 3 is on Wednesday November 9th.

No class on Friday November 11th.

Lab 10 is due on Monday November 7.
Lab 11 is due on Monday November 7.

Lab 7 is due on Monday October 31.
Lab 8 and Lab 9 are due on Thursday November 3 (GO CUBS!).

Lab 6 is due on Wednesday October 19.

Lab 4 and Lab 5 are both due on Wednesday October 5.

Lab 3 is due on Wednesday September 21.

Right-click and then "Save Link As" to download the following Mathematica lab notebook: Mathematica Lab 2. Lab 2 is due via email by September 16. I also highly recommend doing the lab as part of the preparation for Quiz 2.

Recall that HW 2 is due on Wednesday September 14. Quiz 2 will be on the material of HW 2.

Class on Friday September 9 will be in the lab in YH

Right-click and then "Save Link As" to download the following Mathematica lab notebook: Mathematica Lab 1. Lab 1 is due via email by September 12.

A link that will appear permanently as an "Announcement" is a link to the Homework page.



Multivariable Calculus, 8th edition by James Stewart

Topics we will cover

We will cover classic topics in multivariable calculus. Partial differentiation, double and triple integrals, vectors and much more.
The sections from the book we'll aim to cover are the following:


The course grade will be based on:

Homework 10%
Class Partitipation 10%
Mathematica Lab Assignments 10%
Quizzes 10%
Midterms 45% (Three midterms each worth 15%)
Final 15%


There will be a written homework assignment roughly every week. The homework assignments will be due on Wednesdays. The homework will be updated here.
Collaboration in the homework is permitted, but you have to turn in your own work. You should understand the solutions you turn in.
The best way to learn mathematics is by doing mathematics and most of these activities will come from homework assignments, in-class activities and the Mathematica assignments.

Mathematica Lab Assignments

There will be assignments where you will use Mathematica to explore the subject. There will be roughly ten assignments on a weekly basis. They take 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. The aim is to get you to understand the subject visually.

Class Participation

I expect you to come to every class, pay attention, and to ask questions when you have questions. Some classes will have in-class activities, when these occur, you should be working on the task at hand. I will also take points off for falling asleep or using a smartphone (or a laptop) in class.


There will be quizzes on most Wednesdays (on each Wednesday when there is a homework assignment due). The quiz will be a test on the material covered in the homework assignment.


There will be three midterms and one final exam. On the midterms and the final exam you must work on the problems on your own. No collaboration permitted in the exams.

The (tentative) dates are:


Students are expected to come to every lecture and every exam.

If the dates of the exams conflict with Lake Forest approved events, inform me as soon as possible.

Accommodations Statement

If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please consult with The Learning and Teaching Center. Since accommodations may require early planning and are not retroactive, please contact the center as soon as possible. For details about the services for students with disabilities and the accomodations process, visit

You are also welcome to contact me privately to discuss your academic needs. However, all disability-related accommodations must be arranged through Teryn Robinson at the Learning and Teaching Center.

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