Math 160. Math Methods and Applications

Fall 2013


Practice Exam for the final exam.
Solutions to the final practice exam.

Homework 10 is due on Friday December 6, 2013:
Section 11.5: 2, 12, 28, 42, 46.
Section 11.6: 2, 8, 12.
Section 11.7: 2, 6, 14, 24, 32.
I also suggest practicing with more exercises. Doing the odd exercises near the assigned exercises and others that look similar.

Practice Exam for the third midterm.
The solutions to the practice exam can be found here.

Here is a link giving a better explanation of compound interest which was discussed in class.

Second practice exam and its Solutions.

Solutions to Homework 7.

The word problem worksheet is here, and its solutions are here. Note that the answer for part d in exercise 1 should be 2010 instead of 2011 (since the overtake happens during 2010 around November). Also note that I didn't include the solution to the fifth exercise because it's example 3 of section 3.5 (page 178).

On the following Link you can find the actual graphs of the examples we did in class. you can see they have the same shape. (Note: I omitted the (x^2+4) terms from examples 2,3,4).

Midterm 1
Solutions to the first midterm.

First Practice Exam.
Solutions to the practice exam.

Here's an example of a rational inequality being solved.


Mathematics with Applications (10th edition) by Lial, Hungerford, Holcomb.

Topics to be covered

The following is a tentative list of topics that will be covered:

Chapter 1: Algebra and Equations
1.2 Polynomials
1.3 Factoring
1.4 Rational Expressions
1.5 Exponents and Radicals
1.6 First Degree Equations
1.7 Quadratic Equations

Chapter 2: Graphs Lines and Inequalities
2.1 Graphs
2.2 Equations of Lines
2.4 Linear Inequalities
2.5 Polynomials & Rational Inequalities

Chapter 3: Functions and Graphs
3.1 Functions
3.2 Graphs of Functions
3.3 Applications of Linear Functions
3.4 Quadratic Functions
3.6 Polynomial Functions
3.7 Rational Functions

Chapter 4: Exponents and Logs
4.1 Exponent Functions
4.3 Log functions

Chapter 6: System of Linear Equations & Matrices
6.1 System of 2 Linear Equations in 2 Variables

Chapter 10: Statistics
10.1 Frequency Distribution
10.2 Measures of Central Tendency
10.3 Measure of Variation

Chapter 11: Differential Calculus
11.1 Limits
11.2 One-sided Limits & Limits to Infinity
11.3 Rate of Change
11.4 Tangents and Derivatives
11.5 Techniques for Finding Derivatives
11.6 Derivatives of Products & Quotients
11.7 Chain Rule
11.8 Derivative of Exponents & Logs

Chapters 12 & 13
12.1 Derivatives of Graphs
13.1 Antiderivatives


The course grade will be based on:
Homework 10%,
Midterm 1   20%,
Midterm 2   20%,
Midterm 3   20%
Final Exam   30%.


There will be written homework due roughly every week. Collaboration in the homework is permitted, but you are not allowed to copy someone else's work. The solutions must be written individually. You can find the homeworks for this class here.


On the midterms and the final exam you must work on the problems on your own. No collaboration permitted in the exams. Also, no calculators or notes are permitted.
The first midterm will be on Friday September 27.

The second midterm will be on Friday October 25.

The third midterm will be on Friday November 22.

The final exam will be a cumulutive three hour exam.

The dates for the final exam are:

Section 1: On Monday December 16 from 8:30am to 11:30am,
Section 2: On Friday December 13 from 8:30am to 11:30am.


Students are expected to come to every lecture and every exam. If the dates of the exams conflict with Lake Forest approved events, inform me as soon as possible.


There will also be drop-in tutor help for this class in YH 107 or YH 118 at the following times (with the following tutors):

Accommodations Statement

If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please consult with The Learning and Teaching Center. Since accommodations may require early planning and are not retroactive, please contact the center as soon as possible. For details about the services for students with disabilities and the accomodations process, visit

You are also welcome to contact me privately to discuss your academic needs. However, all disability-related accommodations must be arranged through Teryn Robinson at the Learning and Teaching Center.

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