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History Links
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»Historical Resources
University of Kansas Virtual Library's History Central Catalogue
Professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's Guide to Further Historical Research on Martha Ballard
The Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project
American Memory Project of the Library of Congress
Civil War at Smithsonian Institute
Search Engine Comparisons Guide
Eleanor Roosevelt Online
Electronic Guide to US Presidents
PBS: The First Measured Century
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»Urban-Suburban Resources
H-URBAN at Michigan State University
US Census Bureau list ranking cities by population in 2000
2000 Census Data from the Missouri Census Data Center
John Blodgett's "Quick Links" to Demographic Research
Metropolitan Areas: Revised Definition and Guidance on Usage
1990 Census Data for Individual Places from Missouri Census Data Center
Los Angeles and the Problem of Urban Historical Knowledge by Professor Philip Ethington
Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research
Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission's Statistics and Maps for Metropolitan Chicago
Population of US Counties, 1790-1990
Guide to Suburban America by Professor Susan Handy
US Census Bureau's Working Paper on 100 Largest US Cities, 1790-1990
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»Teaching Resources
American Political Development Project of the UVA Miller Center for Public Affairs
The Best History Sites
The Common Place
Guide to Roland Marchand's Slide Collection for US History
History Matters:The US History Survey Course on the Web
Images and Maps for Teaching American History
Professor Jules Tygiel's Web Page for History Majors
Professor Richard Jensen's Guide to Historical Research
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»History Organizations
American Historical Association
Urban History Association
Contacting Departments of History Around the World
The Gilder Lehrman Instititue's History Resources
Henry L. Huntington Library
The Newberry Library
New-York Historical Society
Organization of American Historians
Virtual Archive of Sports History from Amateur Athletic Union of Los Angeles
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»Chicago History
Encyclopedia of Chicago
The Chicago History Museum
Photographs from the Chicago Daily News 1902-1933
Hull-House and Its Neighborhoods, 1889-1963
DuSable Museum of African-American History
»Historical Images On-Line Archives
American Memory Project
American Shopping Center
Autombiles of the Twentieth Century
Baseball Image Gallery
Business History
Chicago Neighborhoods
Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama
Digital Gallery of The New York Public Library
The Great Migration
Historic Photo Archive
Jacob Lawrence Paintings on the Great Migration
Levittown, Building the Suburban Dream
Women Working, 1800 to 1930
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