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Senior Theses Directed


A senior thesis is original scholarly research undertaken in the student’s senior year, usually over two terms.  The research culminates in a formal written dissertation and oral examination by a faculty committee.  Outstanding theses are awarded “with distinction” at graduation. 

Gail Diedrich Chapman (1976): "The American Old Age Pension Movement: A Study in Public Policy"
Holly B. Fujiye (1979): "They All Look the Same: Japanese Americans During World War II"
Carl Goldman (1979): "The American West Gunfighter:  A Study in Mythmaking"
Felice Entratter (1982): "Suburbs and Highways: A Case Study of Two Chicago North Suburban Communities"
Frederick Mercer Van Sickle (1983): "A Special Place: Lake Forest and the Great Depression, 1929-1940"
Earl J. Barnes (1986): "The Chicago Civil Rights Movement: A Portrayal of Struggle"

Eric R. von Helms (1988): "'Last Night Approached Anarchy and Today Appeared to Grow More Serious': Media 
         Images of the 1919 Boston Police Strike"

Mark Christopher Weaver (1988):  "'It is not that I loved Cleveland less but I love Los Angeles More': An Analysis 
          of the First Professional Sports Franchise Shift to the West Coast" 
Timothy State (1993): "Producing Television: Eugene Hotchkiss Rides the Airwaves"
Alex K. Case (1994): "Jackie Robinson: Baseball, America, and Memory"
Kelly J. Gospodarek (1997): "One Sailor on Board: Mike Gospodarek, the USS Rocky Mount in the Pacific 1943-45,
          and the the Power of Memory"
Corinne C. Frank (1999): "Go Pack Go: The Representation of Fan Support for the Green Bay Packers, 1919-1996"
Nancy Micksch (2000): "Constructing Eleanor Roosevelt"
Michael Pond (2000): "Breaking Propper Chains"
Jennifer E. Woodruff (2000): "Voices of Change: Women's Experiences at Lake Forest College, 1955-1975"
Joseph W. Brysiewicz (2001): "Chicago's Metropolitan Fringe: Lake Villa, Illinois.  The Construction of Multiple  
         Historical Narratives"
Masimba Chesley Rusununguko (2001): "'Agressive Collective Action':A Study of The Black Panther Party's  
         Distinctive Role"
Jeffrey S. Svien (2001): "His Internal War: The Changing Character of Richard M. Nixon"
Destiny Bergeron (2002): "Women in Blue:  The Story of Three Women from Illinois Who Fought in the Civil War"
Rachel Zara Rich (2002): "'A Faith That Cannot be Simply Stated:' Harry S. Truman and Civil Rights" 
Kathryn L. Wegner (2002): "From Race to Poverty: Constructing Chicago's DuSable High School, 1935-2002" 
Kathryn Perry (2004): "The Dakota Conflict of 1862 in Mankato, Minnesota: A Study of History and Memory"
John Luporini (2006): "Urban Imperialist: The Annexation Policy of Chicago, 1889 to the Present"

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